Hotshots is a program designed to help every child, no matter their age or ability, jump in and start playing tennis.  It is played on courts with modified equipment, including lighter racquets, lower nets and low compression balls that don’t bounce too high or move too fast. 

Our point of difference at Footwork is our technique emphasis.  We teach the fundamentals of preparation and biomechanics right from the beginning, resulting in a smoother transition into the more advanced techniques of the future.

For those at the Junior competition level, we run 1 hour ‘Super Juniors’ sessions which include detailed analysis and correction of all aspects of technique, as well as drills and games that expand match strategies.  At Footwork we pride ourselves on strong serving technique. We lay the foundations and progressively develop groundstrokes, netplay and serving in these sessions.

For those Juniors verging on senior tennis, we run 90 minute ‘elite squad’ sessions that have an emphasis on developing mental toughness, physical fitness, attacking and defensive strategy. We run innovative match simulation sessions that develop team committment.  We insist on a switched on and competitive attitude.  The serving gets bigger and better!



Whether you are starting out, or keen to eliminate weaknesses and develop weapons, private lessons are the best way to improve your game.  One on one lessons allow the coach and player to work on specific areas of your game through targeted high volume training.  Learn at your own pace, be it step by step... or flat out!

Footwork Tennis Coaching Pathway

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