Jeff Foot: Head Coach/director

                                                          With over 25 years coaching experience, Jeffs' philosophy remains simple...

                                                          "Positive attitude and enthusiastic effort ... If you can tick those 2 boxes then                                                                             improvement is a certainty, whether you are 4, or 64!"

                                                          Tennis is an amazing game that provides a platform to teach important values that go                                                               way beyond the court. Jeff enjoys developing a players self confidence and mental                                                                   toughness, physical fitness, teaching patience and resilience, fairness, dealing with                                                                   conflict and the handling of defeat, the list goes on...

Jeffs style is switched on, entertaining and enthusiastic.  His style permeates through the coaching team as all coaches have been coached by Jeff for many years.  Participants ultimately get drawn in by the liveleness of the sessions, that have a technique emphasis right from the beginning.  Jeff has taken many players from the fun of their first lesson at 5 or 6, through to ultra competitive Victorian Pennant finals.  Watching them grow into great players but more importantly great people is what he finds most satisfying. 

Nick Mashado has been a key member of the Footwork coaching team for 7 years, and playing for the club for 15!

Nick runs hot shots classes, super juniors, elite squads and private lessons.  Nick is regarded as an excellent technical development coach who has great success transitioning juniors through to the advanced techniques of the modern game style.  Nick prides himself on time efficiency and drives the lesson to maximise the learning within every lesson.  He is also broadly respected as the best player at the club, and is happy to remind anyone who might forget!... He has a massive serve (just ask him!) and can be seen confusing opponents with his impressive kick serve most Saturday afternoons. 

Damien Failla has been part of the Footwork Coaching Team for 18 years and is also the junior co ordinator at Narre Warren North.  "Mr Likeable" has been involved in all aspects of coaching.  By day, Damien is the senior head of science at St Francis Xavier  College, having been a secondary school teacher for 15 years.  Needless to say he has a lot of teaching experience!  Damien is involved with elite squads, and is extremely creative at devising drills that are competitive, motivating and enjoyable.

Taylor  Bianco has been part of the Footwork Team for 2 years.  Taylor has been playing tennis at Narre Warren North since he was 6 years old, being involved in section 1 premierships teams, and most recently played grade 5 senior pennant.  Taylor prides himself on fitness and strength, was a former state level junior swimmer and is an enthusuastic rock climber.  He is an excellent example to aspiring young athletes being the fastest sprinter and highest jumper at the club.  His caring nature draws players in to his lively coaching sessions. 

Jason Vincent is the newest member of the Footwork Team.  Jason has also been playing tennis at Narre Warren North since he was 6 years old!  His caring and enthusiastic style develops a strong connection with young players.  Jason brings an interesting range of teaching and sporting experience.  He was a state level junior swimmer and part of successful water polo teams at Melbourne High. He is acutely aware of the dedication required to be successful and prides himself on bringing out the best in those he coaches.