It’s the holidays....  so get outside....  and play ball.

3 Days, 2 Hrs, 9 to 11am $90

3 Days, 3 Hrs 9 to 12pm $120

3 Days, 4 Hrs 9 to 1pm $150  

                                                       Bookings are essential.

School Holiday Tennis Clinics

The School Holiday Junior Tennis Clinic is conducted by Footwork tennis coaching usually in the 2nd week of the Public School holidays.  The clinic provides lots of fun and rewarding sessions in groups that are structured according to standard, from first

time beginners to advanced players.  It’s about lots and lots of tennis!


The 3 days will include drills and games that develop the fundamentals of all shots, from groundstrokes to volleying and serving.

Advanced groups will work on ironing out weaknesses and improving attacking weapons, strategy and matchplay.